Novel plumage aberrations in Paraguayan non-Passerine Birds, and the definition of a new plumage aberration unique to Psittacidae

  • Paul Smith FAUNA Paraguay, Encarnación, Dpto. Itapúa, Paraguay ( Para La Tierra, Centro IDEAL, Mariscal Estigarribia 321 c/ Tte. Capurro, Pilar, Dpto. Ñeembucú, Paraguay (
  • Sergio D. Ríos Departamento de Arqueología y Paleontología, Secretaría Nacional de Cultura, Asunción, Paraguay. Museo Nacional de Historia Natural del Paraguay, San Lorenzo, Paraguay.


Anomalous plumage colourations are reported for three species of non-passerine birds from Paraguay, Limpkin (Aramaus guarauna; Aramidae), Nanday Parakeet (Nandayus nenday; Psittacidae), and the Little Woodpecker (Veniliornis passerinus; Picidae). A leucistic Limpkin is the first published report of a colour anomaly for the family Aramidae. The colour aberration in N. nenday is hypothesised to be a result of an excess of red psittacofulvin pigments, which are unique to the Psittacidae. Although the mechanisms causing this colour aberration remain unknown, we suggest the term psittacofulvism for the phenotypic effect observed.


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