A new species of <em>Aristias</em> Boeck, 1871 (Amphipoda: Gammaridea: Aristiidae) from Aysén Region, Chile

  • Jorge Pérez-Schultheiss Área Zoología de Invertebrados, Museo Nacional de Historia Natural, Casilla 787, Santiago, Chile


A new species of Aristias is described from the Aysén Region, southern Chile. The new taxon is similar to A. antarcticus Walker, 1906; however differs of all previous record of this species in Southern Ocean by a combination of characters: the anterior margin of lateral cephalic lobe is straight; the upper lip is bounded by a pit, not distinctly projecting in front of the epistome; the posterior margin of the epimeron 3 is smoothly crenulated; the inner ramus of uropod 3 is shorter than outer ramus, while the lobes of the telson are subtriangular. A complete description and illustrations of Aristias linnaei n. sp. are provided, and its relationship with similar species is discussed.


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